Weekly Workout #12 – Restorative Yoga

We all go-go-go so hard every day…work, school, extra-curricular activities, home maintenance, etc.  Time to take some time to restore and renew!

Spend 10+ minutes doing each of the following:

1.  Supported Child’s Pose  (Place a pillow, folded blanket or bolster underneath your chest/torso as you rest in this pose.)

2.  Supine Twist  (While lying on the floor, bring arms out to a T with palms down.  Bring knees up and drop legs to one side.  Use a block or pillow under your bottom knee or between your thighs if you need connection.  Try to rest both shoulders on the floor.  Spend 10 minutes on each side.)

3.  Supported Fish Pose (Keeping sacrum on the floor, lie back over a bolster or a few folded up blankets.  Allow your arms to rest open and out to the sides.  You can rest your head back on the bolster/blanket, allow it to fall back off of the bolster/blanker, or rest it on a yoga block.)

4.  Legs up the Wall (Feel free to prop up your hips with a small folded blanket or yoga block.  You can put a strap or belt around your thighs – leaving a little space between your legs – to allow your legs to relax more as you hold this pose.)

5.  Savasana (Rest comfortably on the floor, using a pillow under your head if desired, bolster or pillow under your knees, or whatever else you need to do to be relaxed.)

FYI…this may be the last regular Weekly Wednesday Workout post for the Summer.  I’ll be posting more workouts occasionally, but they may not be weekly.    

Enjoy your Summer!!    Come back to check out the blog page often for other updates, info, articles and good things to share! 



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