Weekly Workout #9 – Belly Burner

We called this the belly burner – and it will tone your tummy muscles – but we didn’t forget to add some nice yoga poses to strengthen the back side of your core!

Complete each of the following:


1.  5 minute walk to warm up
2.  5 Sun Salutations
3.  50 Abdominal crunches
4.  Bicycle crunches (50 on each side)
5.  Opposite hand to foot reaches (25 on each side) – these are done on the floor and reaching up to meet hand to foot
6.  30 Leg Lifts
7.  Scissor Kicks (30 on each leg)
8.  20 Plank Walk-ups – also called “suicide push-ups
9.  Side plank reach through (15 on each side)
10.Side plank with leg lift (15 on each side)
11. Mountain Climbers (20 on each leg) – repeat 2 times, with 30 seconds rest inbetween sets
12. Heel reaches (40 on each side)
13. Fireflies (20 on each leg) – these are like Mountain Climbers except you bring your knee OUTSIDE of the arm
14. Standing opposite elbow to knee crunches (40 on each leg)
15. Static hands to thigh push (30+ seconds) – lie on your back, legs off the floor and knees bent.  Press your palms into your thighs as hard as you can – while pushing back with your thighs into your hands.
16. 4 Bridges or Wheels
17. 2 Camel Poses
18. 30 Supermans
19. Supported Fish Pose (2+ minutes)
20. Supta Baddha Konasana (2+ minutes)

Repeat the entire sequence if you need more!



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