Weekly Workout #8 – Playground Workout

It’s nice outside – leave the house!! ­čÖé



  • 5-10 min easy jog around the neighborhood
  • Ragdoll – 30 seconds
  • Crescent lunge – 30 sec hold on each leg
  • 10 walking lunges with each leg
  • Wide-leg straddle fold – 30 seconds
  • Shoulder circles

Work-Out:  Complete one round, rest for 1-2 minutes, then repeat.  Do this as many times as you can!

  • Push-Ups (20) ┬á– Increase intensity by putting your feet up on a bench or a swing. ┬áDecrease intensity by placing hands on a bench.
  • Step-ups on a bench with knee raise (20 with each leg)
  • Monkey bar swings or horizontal ladder swings – grab on and hang, then move bar to bar all the way across (if this is available)
  • Hand-stand kick-ups (10 with each leg)
  • Bear craws around the playground area at a park or around your house
  • Slide climbs (20x’s) – climb up and down the ladder of the tallest slide you can find
  • Step-ups on a bench with abductor leg lift ┬á(20 with each leg) ┬á(ex. ┬ástep up with right leg, then extend left leg out to left side…then step back down left leg first, then right. ┬áRepeat.)
  • Sprints (10) – sprint around your house OR sprint down one side of a city block (rest 1o seconds between each sprint)

Stretches:  (spend a minute or 2 in each pose)

  • Ragdoll
  • wide-leg straddle fold
  • 1/2 pigeon
  • Bridge
  • Savasana for 5+ minutes under the shade of a tree or in a nice, sunny spot on the grass



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