Weekly Workout Wednesdays – Workout #1 “Thursday workout”

With little ones at home and a work schedule that doesn’t often coordinate with my husband’s, getting to the yoga studio or the gym isn’t an easy accomplishment.  I’ve been creating a lot of my own home workouts lately and decided to start sharing them.  I have one for you today to start them off, but going forward, I’ll be attempting to post them on Wednesdays.  I’m calling this series of posts “Weekly Workout Wednesdays”.  Of course, you don’t need to do the workout on Wednesday, but give it a try sometime during your week in addition to, or instead of, one of your usual workouts.  The majority of these workouts will be 30-45 minutes in duration, but will depend on how long it takes you to complete them. Move at your own pace, take breaks if you need to, and get moving!


20 Sun Salutations (this can be all Sun A’s, all Sun B’s, or a combo)
1 minute jumping jacks

40 Mountain Climbers
40 Burpees (you can do these with or without the push-up, but try to jump forward and back!)
40 step-ups on a box, chair or a high step  (40 with each leg – as you step up,  bring the opposite knee up towards your chest – move at a good pace, but with control.  If using a chair or box, be sure to put it against a wall or on a non-slip surface!)

100 squats
40 lunges (40 on each leg)
20 bridges (feel free to incorporate some wheels!)
2 minute forearm plank
30 second side plank (30 sec on each arm – repeat 2, times for a total of 2 minutes)
120 ab crunches
120 ab leg lifts (incorporate some scissor kicks in here too)

15 minutes Legs up the Wall

Take some additional time to stretch your muscles as needed.  A few down-dogs, some twists and hip-openers would be good options!



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