Sally Bali

Why did you get into practicing  and teaching yoga?
Peace.  “Every day,” Debbie Williamson tells me, “Do something that scares you.”  I am a bit adventurous and so it really did not surprise anyone too much when I booked a trip to Bali 2 weeks before the flight left Milwaukee.  Yoga clientele drew me in because they are some of the most fun loving, accepting people I have ever been around. 

Tell us a bit about your background and family. 
I am number five of nine in the family line up.  I grew up with children and family surrounding me, and one of my daily blessings is working with children and families.  Some days, it can be the scariest thing I do!  Breathe.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
In my spare time I visit my dad who is 84, go to church, do a bit of crafts, gardens, decorating, fishing, golf, running, and hang out on the lake with those close to me or anyone who will take a minute to share stories.  I have one son, one dog, six brothers and two sisters.

What do you try to bring to your yoga classes?  What can we expect in the classes you teach?
Before my classes begin, I pray that I will be able to give you a space to feel that love and acceptance.  My wish is that you leave my classes with your unique needs met.  I see the light in you.  Do you?  Join me in class and let’s find that light together.  Breathe.


Life experiences have taught me many things and none of them are new.  It is just that I am ready to hear and try them out:  breathe, notice, listen, look, think, breathe, smile, give, accept, breathe, jump, laugh, let go, breathe….

One of my strengths is WOO – Winning Others Over….I would love to meet you.  Join me for some yoga and breathe!





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