Robin Nelson

Why did you get into practicing yoga and/or teaching yoga?
I have always been interested in nutrition and active living.  I  have been a runner since the age of 11.  Then adding in power lifting in my 20’s I found my body responded very well to put on muscle and maintain cardio vascular fitness, but I developed many aches and pains.  Then when I was a highly stressed young woman in a high risk pregnancy, I found my body craving balance – unable to handle the stresses and demanding physical practices I was putting it through.  The therapeutic restorative feelings within my body and mind that I gained from practicing yoga greatly changed who I was and how I saw fitness.  As I have transformed into my adult life through a growing family and hectic lifestyle, I found the one constant thread of yoga kept me happy and balanced.  I want to share all that I have learned and all I keep learning from my yoga practice.
What do you try to bring to your yoga classes?  
I always try to bring a playful and creative moments into my yoga classes.  Whether we have to put on new hats, reach deeper inside ourselves, or look to others to guide us there for the time we spend on our mats. I enjoy when we push ourselves to discover a part of the practice that opens up a joyful place in our souls. When you come to one of my classes you can expect a reaction that ranges anywhere from a smile on your face to a belly laugh that you can’t control.
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 
weights. food. art.  Of course one of my favorite hobbies is still lifting weights, you can find me at my local YMCA or in my home gym playing with with kettle bells, free weights, and medicine balls. I also love to create art.  In my early life I was a potter and still look to my small art space at home to meditate with my clay. I have even been known to bring art supplies to yoga class! Also I see my 
kitchen as the heart of my home….you will find my family and friends in my kitchen whipping up a creative, eclectic, healthy meals for kids and adults to enjoy.
Tell us a bit about your background and family.
I was born in Milwaukee to third generation Polish Americans.I am very proud of my heritage but I needed to get out of Milwaukee!  I moved with my husband as we were starting our family to the south, the southwest,  the central plains, and also the east coast of America.  We gained a lot of friends and were open to many interests that way.  I love to eat all kids of local foods, listen to music, and create art. I have had many teaching jobs and believe I can teach anyone to draw.  One of my favorite things to draw is nature.  I have lots of  pottery around that I scribble flowers and birds on.
My husband of 13 years and I  have one 11 year old daughter and one 13 year old son.   We also own one pain in the bum dog, one cat, and four fish.
What else should we know? 
I love being with family.  I miss them when I don’t see them very often, but I have a large, extended family and spent a lot of time with them growing up.  I wish we could all be together again more often but life carries us on our journeys.  I can appreciate that, but a nice glass of wine with the family all together has always been a dream of mine!

Advice or other items you would like me to share :
1. Breathe
2. Love
3. Smile
4. Live



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