30 Day Yoga Challenge – September 2013

We are now in Day 3 of our 30 day yoga challenge to celebrate National Yoga Month!!   I’m so excited to see how many people are pumped up about it!!   Not only will you be more fit at the end of it, but you will likely make new friends, have more energy, decrease your stress level, and learn a little about yourself in the process!

There is still plenty of time for you to participate!!!  Double up classes on a couple days to make up for days you missed!

All who complete the challenge will receive 20% off their next yoga package and will be entered into a drawing to win an iPod Touch!!


  • Attend 1 class/day, everyday from September 1-30 or 30 classes within the 30 days of September.   (This includes Yoga in the Park at City Park in Appleton on Sunday, Sept 15th!!)   IF YOU MISS A DAY, YOU CAN DOUBLE UP ON ANOTHER DAY
  • We will track your participation so there is no need to register!
  • Cost is FREE to participate!
  • Watch our Facebook page for motivational quotes, tips, and challenge updates.

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