NEW Partnership between Pura Vida Yoga and XLR8 Sports Training!

We are very excited to announce a partnership between Pura Vida Yoga and XLR8 Sports Training. These businesses complement one another very well and together can provide great service to all individuals. Both facilities have their own niche, but using the services together can help you greatly towards any health and wellness goals you possess. Pura Vida Yoga provides a variety of yoga classes everyday of the week. The classes range from slower-paced beginner classes to challenging power vinyasa yoga classes. Yoga has many benefits that include, but are not limited to; increased flexibility, improved muscular tone and endurance, improved posture, expanded aerobic capacity, better mental capacity, and stress relief. Each class offers a different challenge, and takes your body to a new level. Beginners to advanced yogis are welcome to attend any of the classes on the schedule and your first class is FREE!

XLR8 also provides a wide variety of services ranging from increased sports performance to weight loss programs. XLR8’s sports performance programs use a wide variety of modalities to improve running economy, foot speed, strength, and sport specific skill. XLR8 also offers personal training and group classes. The personal training sessions are fully customized to each individual’s goals and needs and range from general fitness to increased performance for endurance events. The small group classes are created with metabolic conditioning in mind, and are geared toward losing body fat, inches, and improving strength and overall condition. All of the programs at XLR8 are progressed and are for all fitness levels.

Together Pura Vida Yoga and XLR8 can share the benefits that both of the facilities provide. Increased flexibility relates directly to performance as the muscles are able to recover faster, work harder, and get stronger. Yoga also creates a greater resiliency to injury, keeping each individual healthy and pain free. The training at XLR8 will develop strength throughout the body, allowing for greater strength and balance during your yoga practice. These benefits will help all individuals reach and take goals further then expected.


As part of this partnership, clients of Pura Vida Yoga are entitled to:

• 10% discount off of personal training and sports performance packages

• Group class packages for $100 o Group classes meet Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6AM and 5:30PM


As part of this partnership, clients of XLR8 are entitled to:

• 10% discount on yoga packages. Discounted packages are available to immediate family of those who purchase the package. We look forward to watching you take your mind and body to the next level!

• 10% discount on regular priced drop-in classes

• Discount does NOT apply to monthly unlimited packages


For more information on classes, costs, and schedule at Pura Vida Yoga, please visit

For more information about XLR8 training and classes, please visit





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