Yoga reduces stress! Duh! But here’s more evidence of it!

We all know that yoga helps relieve stress.  That’s one of the great benefits and reasons that many of us practice yoga!  Looks like UCLA did a study to help reinforce that notion.  Here’s a blurb from an article recently posted at

UCLA study reveals how yoga reduces stress for caregivers of people with dementia (& everyone else!)

That relaxed, chilled, stress-free feeling you’ve noticed after practicing yoga? While the effects have been well-documented by science, a new study from UCLA gives new insight into how yoga helps reduce stress levels, particularly in people who care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The study revealed that practicing Kirtan Kriya Meditation (a Kundalini Yoga chanting practice) just 12 minutes daily for eight weeks led to a reduction in the biological mechanisms responsible for increasing the immune system’s inflammation response. Inflammation can contribute to a multitude of chronic health problems.This is good news for the five million Americans who currently provide care for someone with dementia. It’s also positive news for the rest of us who just happen to live stressful, modern lives…”

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